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Website Redesign do i need one??


Website redesign is something that you should give consideration to regularly. The way websites are designed is an ever changing and evolving science.

A great many of the features that were used in website design three or four years ago are now out of date, a redesign will help ensure your website does not lose clients to a competitor that has a more modern looking and  easier to use website. Although you can just update the content on your site, this will not have the same effect as a complete website redesign especially from a marketing point of view.

5 reasons to carry out a website redesign

1) Your website is not mobile friendly

About 48% of search engine use is now performed from mobile devices, this is expected to continue to rise. If your site is not easily read on mobile devices then around 60% of the people searching on a mobile device will navigate away from your page without even looking at it.

2) Your website is over three years old

If your website is over 3 years old then the developments that have taken place in website design over the last 3 years have been such, that many of the technologies employed at that time are now outdated.

3) You are thinking about re-branding your business,

If you re-brand your business then you should take the opportunity to redesign and rethink the way your website works, not just update the site logos, as there have been many developments in website design in the last few years.

4) You are offering new features to your web based clients.

If you decide to offer new products or a different functionality to the people who regularly buy through your website then a website redesign could be a better option than just keep on adding bits on.
When doing your cost benefit analysis you will find that often website redesign can be more cost effective than keep putting another feature into an outdated platform.

5) You are getting a lot of traffic to your website but not many sales.

There are many reasons why people visit a site but do not buy, ease of use, ease of finding the required product, or simply not being a good looking site are just 3 reasons that you may find people navigating away from your site.

Assist Marketing Website review

At Assist Marketing we regularly review our clients websites performance (usually as part of their marketing plan).
We can do you a free web site appraisal that can help you decide if a website redesign would be a good idea for you.

Simply fill out our website contact form  with your site URL address and we will send you our detailed report on the performance of your website.

You can then decide if you think a redesign of your site would be of benefit to you.

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