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Website Hosting is a service that allows websites to be accessible to the World Wide Web.

Website hosting services work by storing your website files in very high-powered computers called web servers. When someone enters your web address into their browser (i.e  The internet connects to the files stored on the server and transfers the information that is held there to the browsers computer.

Shared Hosting

Most website hosting services are what is known as shared hosting service, where a number of websites are all hosted on the same server. For most websites this hosting arrangement is perfectly adequate, although it pays to be careful when choosing a hosting service as there are a number of things that can affect the service level you receive from hosting companies. If you have a problem you will need  it sorted quickly, often you will find cheap hosting companies resort to such practices as not having 24 hour service or do not back up their servers very often.

Dedicated Website Hosting

Websites that make use of a dedicated hosting service do not share their resources (or problems) with neighboring websites. All their website files are stored on their own server. This is ideal for large high-demand websites such as those that require a lot of storage space or need things such as streaming media.

Dedicated hosting is more expensive than shared hosting.

Virtual Website Hosting

Most businesses will not need dedicated website hosting. With virtual hosting like shared hosting, you share a computer with other websites.With virtual hosting you have most of the advantages of dedicated hosting, but without all of the expense. Virtual hosting is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.

Assist Marketing have a variety of hosting plans, to suit all website requirements, if we design and build your website you will be given the best hosting that makes sure your site performs well.

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