Tuesday – 10 reasons to love your marketing

10 Reasons to love your marketing on a Tuesday (or any other day really)

Can you give me 10 reasons why I should market my business? a question asked by who I thought was a potential client I rang last week.Love your marketing

I offered my opinion that time there was one main reason and that is because you want to grow or consolidate your business, but at the same time time came up with the list below.

However my potential client told me he did not want to grow any more, and was not interested in keeping in contact with his current clients. Could it be he is suffering from marketing overload –
“Marketing Overload” is the state of mind you find yourself in when you answer the 7th or 8th call of the day promising to get you to the top of Google Search engines – even though you are already there. (n.b. If you are not there you better contact us to find out how you can be)

Love your marketing






Anyway here are the 10 reasons to love your marketing that I thought of

1) Marketing is important – most successful businesses market themselves, even the biggest such as Google, McDonalds or Coca Cola are still marketing.
2) Big companies don’t continue to market themselves because they want to keep their marketing department employed, they do it because when they stop their sales fall
3) Marketing can Grow Your Business So it follows that if marketing can help these big companies increase their sales, then it should help you increase your sales.
4) Think about this – no matter how good your product or service is, if people don’t know about it, they will not buy it.
5) Marketing creates awareness and keeps you connected with your customers.
6) Marketing allows you to promote any message that you would like to your audience.
7) Marketing can help build relationships especially a strong relationship with your clients
8) Marketing can be used to highlight issues, create emotion, communicate a message, start a discussion
9) Marketing is constantly changing, what works today may be old hat tomorrow, what worked yesterday is no longer relevant to today
10) Marketing invloves doing more than just one thing, you should investigate many diffferent marketing channels to see which works the best

So that’s my list of 10 – feel free to send me your list if you have one and don’t forget if you need help getting your website to the top of Google – send me an enquiry

Love your marketing

Love your Marketing

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