The Trouble with Marketing

We all know that business success is usually accomplished by marketing success, the main debate being which form of marketing is working best for each individual company.

As you will have heard me say before what works for one company may not necessarily work for another, even if they are in the same industry.

So what is the trouble with marketing?

Well its hard work for one thing, often inconvenient for another and doesn’t work if you are marketing to the wrong people.

Its hard work because you have to do it, all the time, marketing whilst you are quiet and then leaving it when you get busy means you will get quiet again.

Often you hear people saying they are too busy to do their marketing, however these same people Breaststrokeusually find they have the time in a couple of months when the sales drop off, this approach to marketing you can liken to swimming the breaststroke
– first you put effort into the stroke and you are above the water, then you relax and you go under the water, then more effort into another stroke and you are above water again, under, above, under, above.

This is typical of the way many small business owners approach their business marketing. marketing helpTo smooth out this pattern and spend more time with your head above the water you need to market your business consistently, doing the hard marketing work even when the good times are keeping you busy.

So why is it inconvenient, well another trouble with marketing is that it ┬ácan be inconvenient, you should still be doing it even when you have customers wanting deliveries and quotes to get out, if you find you don’t have the time then get someone to do the marketing for you (if you really like the marketing bit then get someone to do the quotes for you!!).

Assist Marketing specialise in doing marketing for people, driving clients to your door is something we enjoy doing, so get in touch and find out how your marketing can be done for a surprisingly economical cost.

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