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Social Media Marketing, (as with all forms of marketing), should not be undertaken without assessing your products or service in relation to the market.

If your product is aimed at 15 to 25 year olds you will have different social media needs to a product aimed at retirement age. (Whilst this seems obvious it is surprising how many marketers don’t get it)……

So how can Social media marketing increase your business?

Increased Brand Recognition. 


You can use Social Media to increase your brand recognition, making you more top of mind of your existing clients and more familiar to potential clients.


Increased Sales Opportunities

Every time you send a post on Social Media your fans, followers or network get reminded of your existence and this can prompt them into taking action by contacting you with a sales enquiry.

Obviously the larger your social media presence the more likely this is to happen.


Decreased Marketing Costs per sale

Social Media marketing has a lower cost per sale than just about any form of mass marketing, however this low cost of increasing sales can only be achieved with a properly thought out and executed plan.


Increased Brand Loyalty


Studies in the USA have concluded that brands that engage their clients on social media channels achieve a higher loyalty rating than those that do not. Whilst there has not been a definitive study in New Zealand our experience at Assist Marketing is that this is a fact in New Zealand also.


Increase in customer perception

The increased interaction with your clients that they get through Social media usually flows on to a new market for you when your existing clients mention you on Social media to their circle or fan base. This mention can be a show of good faith for other customers. Good comments on Social Media sites are almost as good as word of mouth recommendations for your business.


You will probably find that many of your competition are already using social media marketing, some of our existing social media clients found that when they were doing the social media marketing themselves, they only did so at the time they had nothing more pressing to do.

An Assist marketing social media plan can help you with your Social Media presence

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