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A shopping cart website (also known as an electronic websites or e-commerce website) are changing the face of retail shopping throughout the world.

Whatever you are selling, a well designed. professional looking shopping cart website from Assist Marketing will enable you to sell your products to a wider audience than has been possible through traditional retail channels.

Online retail can give you an opportunity to expand your business,shopping cart (or e-commerce) websites are behind the trend towards the increase in retail spending online. This on-line retail spending is unlikely to decrease in the foreseeable future, all current research points to an increase in ecommerce spending in the next few years. Our Assist Marketing shopping cart website developers have been part this growth over the last 12 years as they have developed sites for a range of businesses and companies of all sizes.

Much as your expectations from a retail experience can be guided by the presentation you see in a retail store, then the expectations of potential on-line clients are influenced by such things as the look of your shopping cart website, the ease of navigation around the site and the ease of placing orders. An Assist Marketing website will ensure visitors to your on line shop will get a positive experience whilst purchasing your products.

Many B2B (business to business) sales are now being conducted on-line by the use of e-commerce websites, there is an interesting article about the rise of internet e-commerce here

An Assist Marketing shopping cart website not only looks good, it can also save you money by utilising our partnership with Swipehq, which makes accepting payment on-line a simple and straightforward exercise.

Assist Marketing shopping cart websites include many powerful and easy to use features. Whilst these features are easy to use we do provide full training to enable you (or your delegated staff) to operate the site simply and effectively. After the training we will still be available to you if you run into any difficulties, through our knowledge base, our on-line support or if necessary we can remotely access your site and show you what to do whilst you are watching on your screen.

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