SEO is it a Racket??

SEO is it a racket??

this is a question that was posed recently and one that is worth some consideration.

We are a marketing company that carries out SEO on behalf of some of our clients, we have our own SEO for the phrase marketing help and it is usual for us to be in the top 2 in the organic search results for this phrase. However this does not prevent us fielding calls at least 3 times a week from overseas companies promising to make us top of Google search results, not to mention the untold e-mails we receive promising much the same thing.

As there is with any product or service there is always the snake oil salesmen who will promise much and deliver little, in our experience these fall in to 2 categories.

  1. Overseas callers – once you have paid them they lose interest and you are lucky if you get any any results let alone top of Google
  2. Unfortunately, many large NZ companies run campaigns to get your website to the top of Google, these companies, some of who used to produce such things as directories, which are now defunct, and so they have moved their sales force onto locking you into SEO and Pay per click contracts you can’t get out of.

from this point of view then the answer to the question SEO is it a racket is yes at times it is.

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

However if you can get someone to perform your SEO that will sit with you and explain the ins and outs of what they are going to do for your website and how they are going to do it then it may be worthwhile for you to go along with this idea.

Many people at this point say why can’t I pay the SEO expert when he gets my site to the top of Google?? The answer is that SEO takes time, it is not a one time thing that is done and that’s the end of it. Your site will usually rise in the rankings as the SEO is maintained over the months, so if your site is not rising, then the chances are the SEO is not working. (We have it on good authority one company paid $1250 a month to a company for SEO and after 12 months they were positioned at 176 for their key words – $15,000 wasted, the SEO salesman must have been mighty good)

So hopefully this answers the question SEO is it a racket?

Yes it can be, and no it isn’t if you get the right company helping you.

if you are going to go ahead with it make sure the person you hire is accessible to you, wont tie you into a long contract, and is achieving some results in the search engine position for your website.

SEO is it a racket ??

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