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Search Engine Optimisation

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Search engine optimisation

is the art of getting your website found and displayed on Google or other search engine results page, (Often referred to as a SERP)

Search engine optimisation is often called organic search engine optimisation or organic SEO.

Organic refers to the resulting increase in website traffic being generated through the SEO and not through paid advertising such as Pay per Click.

Whilst there are many search engines available in the market, the Google search engine is without doubt the most used. People even say “I am going to Google it” when they are using a different search engine, such as Bing.
The Google search engine has more visits in a month than the next five search engine sites put together.

In New Zealand Google is used in around 85% of searches.

If your website that is not very well designed but has SEO search engine optimisation, then it should perform better in search engines, than a nicely designed website that has no optimisation (whether or not people will interact with the poorly designed website is another thing!!).

How you can  perform some basic SEO or Search Engine Optimisation

All search engines use sophisticated technology (called spiders, robots or crawlers) to look around the web and find relevant sites to the users search term, As there are at least 4,380,000,000 (4.38 billion) pages on the web (estimated in January 2015) there is a limitation in the spiders ability to find your site. They need some help to find you, which is in essence what SEO search engine optimisation is all about.
Your SEO journey should start with a read of Google Webmaster Guidelines, this explains some of the do’s and dont’s when trying to optimise your site.
Next you should identify the key words you would like the search engines to find, for instance if you are selling ice cream, then being found when someone searches for ice cream in your area would be a much better thing than your Ice Cream website being found when someone is searching for Marketing Comanies.

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Good keywords are an essential part of getting the best results from your organic SEO.
Ensure your site is easy to navigate if you cannot find something easily you can’t really expect a search engine robot to find that same something.
Make sure you have relevant and accurate page titles.
Give some consideration to what description goes into your meta tags – not too long, not too short and summarises what the page is all about.
Use a descriptive URL rather than a number
Make sure the content on the page is relevant to the user and try to keep on the topic.
Make sure any links on your website work (and are relevant to the topic)
Avoid adding links just for the sake of having a link
Dont buy links no matter how attractive the seller makes it sound

These are the very basic optimisation techniques, there are many other aspects to Search Engine Optimisation, if you would like more information about Assist Marketing SEO plans then use our contact form to enquire

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