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QR Codes

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QR Code is an acronym for Quick Response, a form of two-dimensional barcode that can be read using either a smartphone or a dedicated QR reading devices. Once the reader scans a QR code it links the device directly to the target which could be some text, a website, a phone number or e-mail browser, the list of applications is ever growing. QR Codes are particularly helpful for use in the marketing of products and services.

What is the significance of a QR Code

Around 65% of people in New Zealand have a smartphone this number is growing daily. The opportunity for use of the Codes to send potential clients to your website, Facebook page or to call you directly by scanning is one that should not be missed.

How is a QR Code different from the normal barcode

Most traditional barcodes are a collection of vertical lines, these have the ability to store up to 30 numbers in any order that can be read horizontally by a scanner. You are probably familiar with their use on products sold in supermarkets. A QR Code has data stored in both directions and can be scanned vertically or horizontally. This means a QR Code can contain over 7,000 numbers.

How does a QR code get scanned?

If you have a smartphone like an iPhone, Android or Blackberry then there a number of different barcode scanner applications that you can download and read and decode data from a QR code. Most of these are free as is most of the QR generator sites.

What can be encoded into a QR Code?

A QR Code is what is known as an ‘image-based hypertext link’ that can be used offline, any URL, or telephone number can be encoded into a QR Code, so you can arrange for any URL to be opened when the QR code is scanned so just about any webpage can be opened automatically as a result of scanning a QR Code.

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