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Pay Per Click Advertising

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Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) or cost per click (CPC)

allows your website to list on a search engine results page (SERP) first page.
There is a known cost for each word or phrase that you choose for your target words, these are known as keywords.

Each time someone clicks on your advert to open your website in their browser you are charged the set amount.
Pay per click marketing can be highly targeted, you can where and when to display your advert.
Pay per Click advertising can be cost effective as you can predetermine the amount you are going to spend each day.
Whilst pay per click advertising is available in most search engines, it is also available on Social Media Sites. Google Adwords is probably the best known of the pay per click advertising market and Google is responsible for around 85% of searches in New Zealand.
Assist Marketing can handle all aspects of a Pay per Click  campaign on your behalf or we can handle it as part of an Assist Marketing Marketing Management plan.

Pay per click advertising
Our Cost per Click (or Pay per Click) campaigns contain search terms that are vigourously tested by our analysts to create a highly targeted list of words with the aim of getting targeted visitors to your site rather than a large quantity of visitors.


All Assist Marketing  PPC on line marketing campaigns are backed by analytical reporting, from Google as well as utilising our internal reporting tools
This means we can measure the benefits of your campaign and report on such items as site visitors, your ROI (return on investment), the number of conversions you get (people who action from your site once they have clicked through) as well as many other analysis tools.

Assist Marketing can develop a new pay per click campaign for your website, or we can analyse, take over and enhance a campaign that is already running.

In either case you will pay Google directly for the adwords advertising cost and receive a monthly bill from us for the management.

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