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Mobile Website

Why should I have a mobile website??

Around 60% of  adults have a smartphone.

Most of them are searching the net using their smartphone or other mobile device.

Not many of them will have the patience to zoom and drag your web site around if you do not have a mobile friendly web site.

A mobile friendly web site will automatically resize itself to the size of the device they are searching on, it will also enable the user to contact you with a quick press of one button.

It stands to reason a mobile friendly web site will help increase your on-line results.

Most good websites are now designed to fit onto the size screen they are being used on, so someone viewing your site on a mobile phone will have a very similar experience to someone who is viewing on a desktop computer or a tablet.

If you have a website that is not screen adaptive then you can still have a mobile friendly front page for your clients to contact you at a surprisingly reasonable cost.

Click here to see an example of a mobile website, you will find you are able to click through to our regular site from the mobile site. If you access this through a mobile phone then you will be able to call us with a single press of the button, mobile sites like this are ideal for trades people or restaurants and takeaways, where clients can contact you quickly. Obviously a mobile website is not quite as good as an adaptive website, but you will find they are not so expensive either.

If you need help with mobile web site or would like to discuss making your existing website a mobile friendly website, call me now to discuss how it can help your business 0508 20 10 20 or e-mail us here.

we guarantee an answer within 4 working hours

Mobile Website

Mobile Website

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