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Mobile Website Design

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Mobile Website Design is the best method  of making sure your website is compatible with mobile devices such as mobile phones, i-pads and tablets.

The different screen sizes that are available in mobile devices make traditional websites, which were designed to be viewed on desktop computers, very hard to read and to navigate, on mobile devices.

Whilst this limitation has not stopped people from using their mobile device for searching for products and services from the web, some 65% of searches are now conducted from a mobile device (and this figure is expected to to continue to increase in the coming years), it would appear to make sense that your website should feature some form of mobile website design.

Mobile Website users expect the mobile website to be relevant to their requirements, user-friendly and to perform well. If these guidelines are not met then most users will navigate away from your site to find a site that does meet these requirements.

mobile website design

Mobile Website Design

What are the options for Mobile website design?

The best option for mobile website design is to have a responsive website, these websites are designed from the beginning to be easily viewed and navigated from most devices, desktop computer, mobile phones, i-pads tablets and other mobile devices.

However there are reasons why you may not have a responsive website, your website may be quite new and you do not want to go to the expense of creating a new one at this time or your website is performing well and you do not want to take the risk of a redesign upsetting your existing clients.

In this case you may want to consider an additional mobile website that will sit alongside your current website. when someone navigates to your site from a mobile device, they will see the mobile version of your site, when they navigate from  a desktop or laptop they will see your current version.

This solution can overcome the problem of the mobile user navigating away from your site, and can be achieved for a surprisingly low cost.

Assist Marketing  mobile website design solutions start at just $299*

Mobile Website Design

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