Marketing to different cultures

Marketing to Different Cultures

The advent of the Chinese New Year got me to thinking about marketing to different cultures and the mistakes that can be made if you are not vigilant about your marketing strategy.

It may surprise our overseas readers to find out that there have been any number of Australian companies that have launched in New Zealand adopted the same marketing strategy as they did in Australia and failed, conversely there have been well documented failures in the Australian market for New Zealand companies who assumed that their successful New Zealand marketing strategy must work in Australia.

So if two countries that share the same language and to all intents at least similar lifestyles can be a disaster from a marketing perspective, then your strategy when marketing to other cultures needs even more thought than you give to your usual marketing.

What about marketing to different cultures in my country?

You should certainly give some thought to the cultural mix of the city where your business is based, for instance Auckland has a very diverse population.

Whilst the 2013 census figures show there are 1.4 million people living in the Auckland region and  307,000 of these people are “Asian”, I would suggest you look further at this demographic when working out your marketing. In fact the Asian demographic has at least 12 cultures within it.

Chinese, Indian, Thai, Malay, Filipino, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Afghani, Sri Lankan, Pakistani, (and my apologies to those who I have missed out)

Marketing to different cultures

The point of this is that if you were marketing to China then you would go about it differently to if you were marketing in Thailand or India. So if you are marketing in a multi cultural city you need to consider your marketing strategy carefully.

Consider this, who is the main purchaser of hip hop music in the USA – you can be forgiven for saying “That would be the Young Urban Black Male demographic Dan” when in fact some 75% of this music is sold to The young suburban white male.

So there you have it always consider your marketing strategy very carefully when marketing to different cultures and always try to look beyond the obvious demographics.

Marketing to different cultures

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