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We have random marketing tips in our blog which is regularly updated by Marketing Dan.  Feel free to browse through these at your leisure and hopefully you will find them of some use. They are all available below.Marketing Help from Marketing Dan
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How can I market my new business when I have no money

How can I market my business when I have no money?? A question from a lady I was introduced to at the local pub, when she heard I work in Marketing. Avoiding the temptation to explain we don’t work for nothing (just feels like at times) I promised to write a blog post on the subject as long as she signs up to my newsletters. So here we go 6 ideas that cost nothing and 5 that cost very little Ideas that cost nothing only time. 1) talk to people in your immediate circle about the products and/or service you are offering. 2) Give your product or service free to people who may influence other people. For instance if you offer a dog walking service, find someone who has a lot of people working for them who needs the service and offer to walk their dog free in exchange for a sign at their place of work. 3) Set yourself up with a website – theres a number of free website builders around, one I like is (bear in mind that your free website will not compete in the search engines with people who have paid to have their site built by a professional, but it will be better than no web presence at all) 4) Put your business on as many free directory listings as you can find. (Prepare for the onslaught of salespeople from these directories telling you how much you will benefit by using their paid service – when you can afford to pay these people, drop us a line at to find out... read more

Letterbox Advertising

Should I invest in a Letterbox Advertising drop?? This weeks question comes from one of our clients – we have been doing their on-line marketing for a while now and they now have some cash to further invest in their marketing budget. Letterbox Advertising drops have many claims made for them but in my experience you need to do more than one, you should plan to send at least fortnightly for at least 2 months (that’s four drops that more or less say the same thing). What will the response to my letterbox advertising be? Now this where things get interesting, many companies in the industry will claim a 5 to 8% return on a mailbox campaign which means between 500 and 800 responses to your leaflet if you send out 10,000. What these companies do not promote is the fact this result may come from a “campaign” which as described above is actually 40,000 leaflets sent to 10,000 addresses which is a return of 1.2 to 2% which is much more in line with what we have experienced in the past. What about the people who have no advertising material on their letterboxes? Well these people are not interested in having offers put to them and it is likely if they have gone to the trouble of putting a note to that effect on their letterbox then they would have put the leaflet straight into their recycling so they are doing you a favour by saving you money. Can I deliver my leaflets myself? Yes you can, deliver your campaign, however if you haven’t done it before be prepared for... read more

Retention Marketing

What is Retention Marketing This week I have been asked about retention marketing. Retention Marketing For those of you who are unsure is summed up with the phrase “marketing strategies that are devised to increase the engagement, brand support, and loyalty to one company or product.” There are many ways of saying this – loyalty marketing has something to do with it, customer satisfaction marketing, client enhancement, but in the end it all comes down to the old saying – try to keep the customer satisfied. So how do we go about Retention Marketing or keeping the customer satisfied. It is important to realise there are more than one type of client when it comes to Loyalty to your brand or product. There are people who will show no loyalty to any company, You will have dealt with these, beat you up on price, want a discount because they weren’t in when you delivered the product, can quote you the competitors price to the cent, it doesn’t matter what you do with this section of your market they will only buy on price, regardless of service and quality (although they will be the first on Social Media complaining about you) so it is best to accept they are like that and move on. Don’t waste your valuable time and resources trying to generate their loyalty. So what steps can we take to ensure customer retention amongst the remaining decent citizens who may buy from us. 1) When you make the first sale, re-inforce in the clients mind they have made the right decision, just a small thank you note... read more

Tuesday – 10 reasons to love your marketing

10 Reasons to love your marketing on a Tuesday (or any other day really) Can you give me 10 reasons why I should market my business? a question asked by who I thought was a potential client I rang last week. I offered my opinion that time there was one main reason and that is because you want to grow or consolidate your business, but at the same time time came up with the list below. However my potential client told me he did not want to grow any more, and was not interested in keeping in contact with his current clients. Could it be he is suffering from marketing overload – “Marketing Overload” is the state of mind you find yourself in when you answer the 7th or 8th call of the day promising to get you to the top of Google Search engines – even though you are already there. (n.b. If you are not there you better contact us to find out how you can be)           Anyway here are the 10 reasons to love your marketing that I thought of 1) Marketing is important – most successful businesses market themselves, even the biggest such as Google, McDonalds or Coca Cola are still marketing. 2) Big companies don’t continue to market themselves because they want to keep their marketing department employed, they do it because when they stop their sales fall 3) Marketing can Grow Your Business So it follows that if marketing can help these big companies increase their sales, then it should help you increase your sales. 4) Think about this... read more

Marketing to different cultures

Marketing to Different Cultures The advent of the Chinese New Year got me to thinking about marketing to different cultures and the mistakes that can be made if you are not vigilant about your marketing strategy. It may surprise our overseas readers to find out that there have been any number of Australian companies that have launched in New Zealand adopted the same marketing strategy as they did in Australia and failed, conversely there have been well documented failures in the Australian market for New Zealand companies who assumed that their successful New Zealand marketing strategy must work in Australia. So if two countries that share the same language and to all intents at least similar lifestyles can be a disaster from a marketing perspective, then your strategy when marketing to other cultures needs even more thought than you give to your usual marketing. What about marketing to different cultures in my country? You should certainly give some thought to the cultural mix of the city where your business is based, for instance Auckland has a very diverse population. Whilst the 2013 census figures show there are 1.4 million people living in the Auckland region and  307,000 of these people are “Asian”, I would suggest you look further at this demographic when working out your marketing. In fact the Asian demographic has at least 12 cultures within it. Chinese, Indian, Thai, Malay, Filipino, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Afghani, Sri Lankan, Pakistani, (and my apologies to those who I have missed out) The point of this is that if you were marketing to China then you would go about it differently to... read more

SEO is it a Racket??

SEO is it a racket?? this is a question that was posed recently and one that is worth some consideration. We are a marketing company that carries out SEO on behalf of some of our clients, we have our own SEO for the phrase marketing help and it is usual for us to be in the top 2 in the organic search results for this phrase. However this does not prevent us fielding calls at least 3 times a week from overseas companies promising to make us top of Google search results, not to mention the untold e-mails we receive promising much the same thing. As there is with any product or service there is always the snake oil salesmen who will promise much and deliver little, in our experience these fall in to 2 categories. Overseas callers – once you have paid them they lose interest and you are lucky if you get any any results let alone top of Google Unfortunately, many large NZ companies run campaigns to get your website to the top of Google, these companies, some of who used to produce such things as directories, which are now defunct, and so they have moved their sales force onto locking you into SEO and Pay per click contracts you can’t get out of. from this point of view then the answer to the question SEO is it a racket is yes at times it is. However if you can get someone to perform your SEO that will sit with you and explain the ins and outs of what they are going to do for your website... read more

Marketing Ideas, How to get started

Marketing ideas – Lets get Started  So thats the first month of the new year over, so we can stop calling it the new year now, its 2016 (and its 8.3% over) If your are still procrastinating about your marketing ideas (and that would make you one of the 60% of small business owners who do) then here are a couple of ideas to get you started on your marketing plan for the year 1. Who is your ideal target customer make a list of the things that make your ideal customer, for instance your ideal customer is the one who a) understands that in order for me to provide them with a great service they need to pay me b) is within 15 kilometers of my business c) Pays their bills on the date requested d) requires the service I am offering on a regular basis There are a number of other things that you may put into your list, just about anything you can think of that makes them ideal. Then make a list of the clients who you currently have that meet this criteria (or most of them). Consider how you got these people as a client and then identify ways to market yourself to a similar group of people Consider the clients you have that don’t meet any of your ideal target client criterai and put their price up!! (If they go away you will probably find you haven’t lost much) Understanding whom you are selling to (and who you aren’t) is critically important – it can save you a lot of time and energy and... read more

Hybrid Marketing

Hybrid Marketing Hybrid Marketing is a comparatively new term to the world of marketing, and is often referred to as integrated marketing, if you consider your website and your printed promotional material, they do not appear to have a lot in common so you will find yourself dealing with a website designer, a hosting company, a print designer, a printer and a distribution company, just to carry out 2 aspects of your marketing. A Hybrid marketing company has the expertise to carry out all aspects of your marketing, both on line and off-line. Why use a Hybrid Marketing Company When you approach the issue of marketing your business, you can find yourself becoming overwhelmed by the volume of advice and a lot of it will be contradictory. In addition to this you will find that just about everyone you talk to is a marketing expert, your accountant will probably give you some marketing advice, the bank will give you some marketing advice, your family will probably chime in with their marketing advice and if you ask your hairdresser they will probably have an opinion as well. There are problems with getting marketing advice from these sources, Accountants should be expert on doing your accounts and giving advice on financial matters, why they consider their background in accounting practice makes them marketing experts is a source of wonder to those of us who actually work in marketing. The bank should really be concentrating on helping you with your money and getting marketing advice from your family and friends will usually see them agreeing with whatever it is you think you should be... read more

Marketing Research

Marketing Research for Small Business Marketing research should be an integral part of your marketing planning, whatever you are selling – ice cream, shoes, fishing tackle or burgers, it will pay you to know as much as possible about your target market. Many small business owners think they cannot afford to carry out marketing research, they have heard that large companies spend thousands of dollars carrying out marketing research and assume they have to do the same. Many large companies do indeed spend thousands of their marketing dollars on research, they set up research teams, carry out large surveys, have focus group meetings, arrange for testing panels to be set up and conduct extensive qualitative research into their new product or service. However for the smaller business there are ways to carry out marketing research and not spend a fortune doing it 1) you can survey your existing customers. 2) You can set up small focus groups 3) Research on line – search for reports, international trends and magazine articles about similar products or services 4) Check out what people are searching for on Google 5) Don’t rely on the opinions of your close friends and family often – their opinion will be swayed by your enthusiasm for your project. These will all take time if done properly but good market research can help you avoid the expensive mistake of launching a product or service that nobody wants. Lastly but probably most effective, – use a Marketing Company – Here at Assist Marketing we have our own market research databases and research panels that we can draw on to help... read more

What is Marketing?

What is Marketing?? a simple question put to me yesterday by a student leaving school next year. I have my definition of Marketing, – everything you do before and after a sale to ensure your client gets satisfaction from the sale. however there are many different answers to the What is Marketing question A quick Google search found at least 70 different answers to the question what is marketing, without even trying!! Wikipedia for example Marketing is about communicating the value of a product, service or brand to customers or consumers for the purpose of promoting or selling that product, service, or brand. The oldest – and perhaps simplest and most natural form of marketing – is ‘word of mouth’ (WOM) marketing, in which consumers convey their experiences of a product, service or brand in their day-to-day communications with others. These communications can of course be either positive or negative. I quite like this quote from Gini Dietrich the founder and CEO of an American Marketing company called Arment Dietrich Marketing is branding, naming, pricing, and the bridge between paid and earned media. It is NOT sales. This definition by Sam Fiorella from Sam puts a sporting perspective on what is marketing Marketing is the business’ play-maker. As with successful hockey franchises, the most valuable player is not always the player who scores the most goals but the player who creates the play that allows others to score (think Gretzky, Crosby or Orr). A great marketing team assesses the brand’s playing field, quickly captures their competitor’s position, strengths and weaknesses, maps it against their team’s position, strengths and... read more

The Trouble with Marketing

We all know that business success is usually accomplished by marketing success, the main debate being which form of marketing is working best for each individual company. As you will have heard me say before what works for one company may not necessarily work for another, even if they are in the same industry. So what is the trouble with marketing? Well its hard work for one thing, often inconvenient for another and doesn’t work if you are marketing to the wrong people. Its hard work because you have to do it, all the time, marketing whilst you are quiet and then leaving it when you get busy means you will get quiet again. Often you hear people saying they are too busy to do their marketing, however these same people usually find they have the time in a couple of months when the sales drop off, this approach to marketing you can liken to swimming the breaststroke – first you put effort into the stroke and you are above the water, then you relax and you go under the water, then more effort into another stroke and you are above water again, under, above, under, above. This is typical of the way many small business owners approach their business marketing. To smooth out this pattern and spend more time with your head above the water you need to market your business consistently, doing the hard marketing work even when the good times are keeping you busy. So why is it inconvenient, well another trouble with marketing is that it  can be inconvenient, you should still be doing it... read more

Marketing Mix

What is a Marketing Mix A Marketing Mix is just a business tool that traditionally takes into account the 4 Ps of Marketing (Price, Product, Place and Promotion) so that you have a product that people want, in a place they can access it, at a price they think is good value and a time they want to buy it. Those of you who have been paying attention will know by now that my belief is there are 8ps of marketing and rather than go into them here you can read about the 8ps of marketing in your marketing mix here. In the marketing world – which has changed quite dramatically over the years since it was first coined, the marketing mix is as important today as it was in 1950 when the idea was first conceived (or at least put into a book) by a chap by the name of E Jerome McCarthy. Naturally there are people who have a different view and say the marketing mix should consider the 4C’s Customer cost i.e. Customers want to know the total cost of acquiring, using and disposing of a product, not just the price Customer solutions i.e Customers want to buy value or a solution to their problems, they dont buy products Convenience, i.e Customers want products and services to be as convenient to purchase as possible, they are not concerned with place Communication i.e Customers want two-way communication with the company that makes the product, rather than promotion of the product These ideas can be considered one at a time Customer cost vs Price? I would argue this... read more
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