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Marketing Evaluation

Why your Business planning needs a Marketing Evaluation


A marketing evaluation or audit is an essential addition to any business plan, it helps ensure the business has the necessary tools to move forward.

A marketing audit should show what current marketing is working and just as important what isn’t working. A good marketing evaluation will question all facets of the current business marketing as well as carrying out evaluation of new or different marketing channels that may be available to the business.

Continuing to spend on marketing that is adding no value to the business is a common mistake in the Small to Medium Business sector.  “We have always done it like that” is not good enough in today’s multi-layered marketing environment.

Your marketing message should be available where your prospects and current clients are most likely to see it .

Further your Business marketing requires constant evaluation to ensure its success.

Marketing plans and ideas should not be launched and left to work or fail on their own, they should be monitored in a variety of ways to ensure they are delivering the maximum return possible,

Assist Marketing have the tools to measure your return on investment and if you are on a monthly plan you will receive a monthly report on the spend.

Marketing EvaluationOur market audit enables us to make evidence based decisions on where and how to market your products or services rather than make decisions on gut feelings, it is designed to show you what parts of your current marketing are working and what parts may not be, current customer satisfaction levels, client behaviour patterns, competitor analysis and market environment analysis.


You can use the evaluation to update your marketing plan or you can get Assist Marketing to develop a marketing plan with you, which we will then ensure is carried out over the next 12 months.

Marketing Evaluation

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