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Marketing Company Assist Marketing is a company that does what its name says, Assists businesses with their marketing.

The principals at Assist Marketing came up with the idea for creating a marketing company for small and medium sized businesses whilst attending networking meetings.

During these meetings we noticed that the majority of the small business owners who were attending the same networking meetings did not apply correct marketing techniques to their business. Most of them said they did not have the time to carry out their marketing whilst others professed to a lack of marketing knowledge, indeed it appeared that most of the marketing was done when the sales were slow and so the owner had time to do some.Marketing Company

So the idea to help  business owners market their company effectively was born. Assist Marketing, acting as your marketing company, will help you audit, evaluate and plan your marketing, then we ensure the plan is implemented and carried out on your behalf.


We now have clients from a variety of different industries, all of whom have benefited from having their marketing carried out by a marketing company that provides affordable, well designed marketing campaigns for its clients.

The principals in the company have marketing backgrounds. They have worked for large multi corporates and have also run their own small businesses, this gives us a unique insight and understanding into the problems faced by the small to medium sized business owner, of marketing on a limited budget with very little time.

So, if you need a little help with your marketing give us a call, whilst we love a good marketing slogan as much as the next guy i.e (leveraging  impactful synergies through targeting synergistic platforms) you will find us friendly and able to speak in terms we can all understand.

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