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Should I invest in a Letterbox Advertising drop??

This weeks question comes from one of our clients – we have been doing their on-line marketing for a while now and they now have some cash to further invest in their marketing budget.
Letterbox Advertising drops have many claims made for them but in my experience you need to do more than one, you should plan to send at least fortnightly for at least 2 months (that’s four drops that more or less say the same thing).

What will the response to my letterbox advertising be?

Now this where things get interesting, many companies in the industry will claim a 5 to 8% return on a mailbox campaign which means between 500 and 800 responses to your leaflet if you send out 10,000. What these companies do not promote is the fact this result may come from a “campaign” which as described above is actually 40,000 leaflets sent to 10,000 addresses which is a return of 1.2 to 2% which is much more in line with what we have experienced in the past.

What about the people who have no advertising material on their letterboxes? Well these people are not interested in having offers put to them and it is likely if they have gone to the trouble of putting a note to that effect on their letterbox then they would have put the leaflet straight into their recycling so they are doing you a favour by saving you money.letterbox advertising

Can I deliver my leaflets myself?

Yes you can, deliver your campaign, however if you haven’t done it before be prepared¬†for the amount of time it will take you to deliver to 1,000 houses will take at best 4 to 5 hours.
As with most things advertising Letterbox drops can be an expensive exercise, so it is always best to do some planning.

1) Identify your target market, there are demographic areas in all towns and cities, so if your product or service is aimed at a certain demographic make sure your leaflets are dropped in the appropriate area, your marketing company will have all this information available to recommend the appropriate area(s)
2) Have a call to action preferably with an an expiry date and a special offer. Make this deal relevant and transparent, dont try to squeeze extra costs or conditions in as this will turn consumers off.
3)Make sure leaflet states your website address clearly and make sure your website clearly shows your product or service advertised on the flyer (and update your website to show the special)
4) Track your results, when people contact you ask them where they heard of you.


If you need help with your leaflet drops get in touch we can help you with all or any of the suggestions above

Letterbox Advertising



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