Hybrid Marketing

Hybrid Marketing

Hybrid Marketing is a comparatively new term to the world of marketing, and is often referred to as integrated marketing, if you consider your website and your printed promotional material, they do not appear to have a lot in common so you will find yourself dealing with a website designer, a hosting company, a print designer, a printer and a distribution company, just to carry out 2 aspects of your marketing.
A Hybrid marketing company has the expertise to carry out all aspects of your marketing, both on line and off-line.

Why use a Hybrid Marketing Company

When you approach the issue of marketing your business, you can find yourself becoming overwhelmed by the volume of advice and a lot of it will be contradictory.
In addition to this you will find that just about everyone you talk to is a marketing expert, your accountant will probably give you some marketing advice, the bank will give you some marketing advice, your family will probably chime in with their marketing advice and if you ask your hairdresser they will probably have an opinion as well.

There are problems with getting marketing advice from these sources, Accountants should be expert on doing your accounts and giving advice on financial matters, why they consider their background in accounting practice makes them marketing experts is a source of wonder to those of us who actually work in marketing. The bank should really be concentrating on helping you with your money and getting marketing advice from your family and friends will usually see them agreeing with whatever it is you think you should be doing!!!
Here at Assist Marketing we don’t give advice on your accounts, we don’t tell you where you should bank (although we do have a way of saving our clients money on their credit card receipts) and we do not advise you on your hairstyle. What we do is your marketing, we are hybrid or integrated marketers, we are a one stop shop for marketing advice, and then we do the marketing for your business on your behalf if you require it.

If you want to find out more about what a hybrid marketing approach can do for your business give us a call now 09 889 2915 or fill in our enquiry form

Hybrid Marketing

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