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An editable website is an the best solution for you if you need to update your website content regularly.

Editable websites are websites that use a content management system, to allow you to make alterations to your website as and when you require them. An editable website from Assist Marketing enables you to update the page content and add new pages or images without reference to our developers.

Editable websites built by Assist Marketing to a design approved by you, will include an on line editor in the design. This on line editor enables you or your designated employees to edit your website from any computer with an internet connection. The on line editor is accessed by use of a unique user name and password.

Assist Marketing can perform edits, updates and maintenance on your website if you want us to. However we recognise that this can become quite an expensive exercise for you over time. An Assist Marketing editable website .will allows all these functions to be carried out by the website owner. Assist Marketing website designers can design a site that enables updating to your site of as much or little content as you require

You can change the content on your pages, the images on your pages, you can add more pages, and change the banner and slide images. You can even upload video to your website if you want to.

If an editable website sounds like it could provide a good solution to your website requirements, then give us a call or send us an e-mail and one of our friendly staff will be in touch to discuss all aspects of editable websites with you.

You will find our staff are able to discuss all aspects of our editable website solution without the need for geek speak, they can explain how things work in simple to understand language.

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