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Domain Name Registration What is it?

A Domain name is your unique identifier on the Domain name system or DNS.
When you use the Internet, you will have used the Domain Name System, or DNS, even though you may not realise you are using it.
The DNS is a set of standards for how your computer exchanges data with other computers on the Internet. It is known as the TCP/IP protocol suite.

It turns user friendly Domain names like “” into an Internet Protocol (IP) address like ( which computers use to identify each other on a network or the internet
Like using a telephone keypad to dial a number of someone you wish to talk to computers and other network devices on the Internet use the IP address to send your request to the site you’re trying to reach. If there was no DNS you would have to remember all the different IP address numbers instead of the Domain Names.
For businesses, a domain name gives you credibility. There is a growing distrust amongst people of companies who do not have a domain name and web site.
How do I go about Domain Name registration?


An ideal domain name is one that describes your company’s business or name, that people can remember easily which makes it much more likely they will remember and return to your site without having to look your domain name up each time.
A good domain name that describes your product or service, will find people who were searching that service seeing you in search results in their browser before your opposition.
At Assist Marketing we can help with your Domain Name Registration choice and then we can register it for you,

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