How can I market my new business when I have no money

How can I market my business when I have no money??Marketing with No Money

A question from a lady I was introduced to at the local pub, when she heard I work in Marketing.
Avoiding the temptation to explain we don’t work for nothing (just feels like at times) I promised to write a blog post on the subject as long as she signs up to my newsletters.
So here we go 6 ideas that cost nothing and 5 that cost very little
Ideas that cost nothing only time.
1) talk to people in your immediate circle about the products and/or service you are offering.

2) Give your product or service free to people who may influence other people. For instance if you offer a dog walking service, find someone who has a lot of people working for them who needs the service and offer to walk their dog free in exchange for a sign at their place of work.

3) Set yourself up with a website – theres a number of free website builders around, one I like is (bear in mind that your free website will not compete in the search engines with people who have paid to have their site built by a professional, but it will be better than no web presence at all)

4) Put your business on as many free directory listings as you can find. (Prepare for the onslaught of salespeople from these directories telling you how much you will benefit by using their paid service – when you can afford to pay these people, drop us a line at to find out how to get more out of your money than you will get paying them, if you are tempted by their sales techniques, call us first).

5) Set up a business profile on Facebook, Google+, Linkedin etc

6) Start a database and update with at least the name, address, email address and phone number of everybody you tell about your product or service.
Ideas that cost very little marketing with no money
1) Business Cards, You really need business cards, you can get them to double as appointment cards if required. You can get business cards quite cheap, you can even drop a line to me and we will get you started with 250 cards in full colour for $79. Once you have the cards don’t hang on to them, give them away to as many potential clients as you can.

2) Sign up for an e-mail service. Contact the people on your database offering them the chance to sign up to your e-mail newsletter and get them to opt in. (Don’t buy an e-mail list no matter how tempted you are its against the law to use it) Once again if you are not sure contact Assist Marketing and we can offer recommendations for you.

3)Upload Videos of your product or service to Facebook or You Tube. You don’t have to go all out and hire a production company, (if you can afford to you don’t need to be reading this) – something simple that you have done yourself will do the trick if it fits the profile of your business.

4) Get your car sign written, get it done professionally, if you are not sure get in touch, we have some very reliable contacts, you will probably be surprised how little this can cost.

5)Get on the phone and make cold calls, I know you wont like doing it, I have only ever met a very few people who do. Its soul destroying work but if you can build up a small customer base from it then very worthwhile.

So thats my suggestions Jude,¬†Don’t forget when you do find yourself in a position to market your business well, get more information at

Yours Dan

Marketing with no Money

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